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5 Must Haves for the Travelling Surfer

surf traveller must haves

In the surf world, there are a lot of dinky try hard surf accessories out there, that may sound good on the surface, but in reality, are just complete fails.

However, there are some gems out there that can make your surf experience better, especially if you drive to the surf, whether it be 5min down the road or day trip to your fave spot on the coast.

Check out our 5 items you probably never knew you needed... but you so do!
And even better they are all under $70


1) Pickle Wax Remover

Surf Pickle Wax Remover

The Pickle Wax Remover is the fastest, easiest, and best way to remove unwanted wax from your surfboard. Also, it contains 100% recycled ingredients, and is reusable, cleaning board after board after board. You might wonder why someone needs to remove the surf wax anyway? The following are just a few reasons why surf wax needs to be removed from your stick:

- To clean the wax off the bottom of the board (aka; the Chinese wax job).
- To spot clean areas in preparation for ding repairs.
- To clean tail areas for tail pad installations.
- To change the temperature of wax used on boards.
- To make the board look new increasing resale value.
- To lighten up the board by removing extra wax weight.

At only $29, this is a must have in your arsenal and even comes with a free wax comb!

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2) O&E 3 Fold Surf Locker

Surf Locker
These things are the best surf organisers around, and will save you minutes a session finding what you need fast. Just think it could be the difference between the first wave of the day, and being stuck in the pack with your nemesis on your inside. Rather than having your fin key, wax and spare leggy floating around in your surf bucket or boot space getting dirty and lost.. this travel pack can fit;
Fins, Leashes, Fin Keys, Sunscreen, Wax, Wax Combs, Repair Kits.
Plus its reflective outside stops your wax from melting.

Get in the water faster for only $69

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O&E Low n Dry Compact Wetty Bucket

wetty bucket

Keep your Wetty clean and your car dry with this sweet change bucket. No more sand all over your Wetty as you can change inside this bucket, it is 100% water proof to keep the damp out of your car, and the dimpled bottom, lets the water drain away from your Wetsuit in between surfs, or on your way back home… plus in winter its a great way to keep all your hood, Wetty, gloves and booties all together!

A bargin at $45

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4) O&E Ket Vault

Key Vault
Hands down the best key storage solution while you are out for a surf. No more hiding your keys ‘somewhere’ aka you know where on your car, under a rock or in some tussock, hoping it’s still there when you get back, or even possible loosing your key somewhere it amongst all the other rocks and plants.

Its a no brainer at $59

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5) Air Fresheners

surf air freshner

Some surf cars can get pretty dank... once you put your wet gear in there, plus mates, food etc it gets a bit tangy. It's suck an easy fix, get an air fresher! They're all going to improve your ride, and quality of life ;) Just choose the brand/scent you like best.
Our fave is the Sticky Bumps Coconut, but the Banana and Blueberry are good too!

Your mates (and partner) with thank you for it

Only $7.50

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We hope that even one of these can make your surf that little bit better.
Happy Surfing

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