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Billabong Pipe Masters

We have the perfect script for Pipeline, heaps of swell forecast and 3 worthy surfers all vying for the title, The Champ, the Pipe Master and the Underdog!
Medina is 2014 World Champ and charges at Pipe, he is currently in the lead  for this years World Title and just needs to get to the Final to secure that. Julian Wilson is a past champ here, rips in throaty barrels, and unless Gabe falls early, needs to win the event with Gabe not making the final. Toledo is a super freak and has not had the same success in waves of consequence, but has the skills to come from behind here for the underdog win. He sits on the same points as Julian, so needs to beat him and for Gabe not to make the final  .... let the excitement begin! To make it even more interesting is both Kelly Slater and John John are back from injury, and competing in the event too.. spoiler alert!

Quick Hot Picks for the event.
1. Julian Wilson
2. Filipe Toledo
3. Conner Coffin
4. Griffin Colapinto
5. Ezekiel Lau
6. Jeremy Flores
7. Kelly Slater
8. John John Florence

Any of the top 3 are great options, but for us Julian and Toledo are our top choices... We'd love to see a new World Camp so go Julian or Toledo! Next you can't go past the rookie Griffin for skill in barrels or big smooth carves. Conner and Jeremy both are freaks in the barrel, Jeremy winning here last year) and Zeke has the power and local knowledge. Then we couldn't go past the spoilers, John John and Kelly... this could get interesting!

Good luck, get your team in before 8th December 2018.
And support our Kiwi Ricardo Christie, who's competing in the Vans Triple Crown event right now at Sunset, hopefully gaining a place back onthe tour next year! Go Kiwi!


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