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Corona Open J-Bay 2018

As the elite surfers head back to Supertubes, J-Bay South Africa, we must say we are a bit jealous of having that wave shared with only at most a couple of other people. J-Bay's immaculate reeling rights provide the perfect playground for today's professional surfing. Power carves, barrel riding and huge punts, all have their place here, as proven by Filipe, Jon Jon and Julian to name a few. May the surfer who displaces the most water win.

So the big question, who's going to tear it up this year.. well here's our top picks;

Quick Hot Picks for the event.
1. Julian Wilson
2. Michel Bourez
3. Griffin Colapinto
4. Conner Coffin
5. Frederico Morais
6. Wade Carmichael
7. Mikey Wright
8. Kelly Slater
Julian is so due a win here it's not funny, his surfing is so suited to this wave and in the last 2 comps here it's been Fanning that's stolen it from him. Next was a hard pick between Bourez andItallo, but we love the zip Bourez has this year, and being on his forehand should definitely be an advantage.
Then we have the man hack power team of Colpinto, Coffin, Morais, Charmichael, and Mikey Wright. They are all ripping so hard this year and this wave should compliment their style soooo much!
Slater is worth a gamble, and if its pumping (which looks to be the case) then he's a real threat. Plus he is seeking revenge after compressing his foot here last year when looking menacing.
Good Luck, action starts July 2nd, so get your team in.
pic:WSL / Pierre Tostee

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