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O&E Simply the best legropes, as voted by STAB!

Ocean & earth Legropes

When the hard hitting Ozzie surf reporters at STAB, that don't mind sledging gear that is crap, unanimously endorse a product, you take notice. O&E leggies are a resounding hit... in their words;

"But do you actually love any of your hardware", which progressed into a dull conversation of which leashes everyone liked best (Ocean and Earth, all the way).

What's even more authentic is that they were not even plugging Ocean & Earth Legropes... They are just the best g@@dd4mn leggies out there! You can see the proof by clicking here

So what makes Ocean & Earth Leggies so amazing? 

In short all their legropes are great, but it's the ONE XT technology that is the stand out, providing the World's strongest leash; 40% Stronger, 40% more stretch, no joins, no kinks, no weak point.

What this means is a legrope you can trust and so strong it will probably outlast your board. Dependability when you really need it, cause you don't want to be stuck in the impact zone, with no board when its 6ft! They'll slightly more in the short term, but you'll have that legrope in your rotation for years to come... surely a better choice for the environment too. 

View Ocean & Earth Legrope Range Here

ocean earth one xt premium surfboard leash

Check out the Features: 

• ONE PIECE EXTRUDED CORD - From swivel to swivel - just one cord... one component. Eliminates the need for end joins, which are the weakest points in conventional leashes, meaning no weak points.

• DUAL ANCHOR SWIVELS - Marine grade, stainless anti-corrosive free-spin swivels for tangle-free surfing.

• ORIGINAL DETACHABLE RAILSAVER - The original railsaver system designed by O&E, with sewn in anchor cord. Protects rails and is easily detached.

• NEW FORMULA CONTROLLED-STRETCH URETHANE - The larger the wave, the more stretch which keeps your board at a safe distance away. Premium grade quality urethane developed by the world's leading manufacturer.

• FLEX NECK STRAP PLUG - Allows 360º movement of leash and offers more comfort when leash is under load.

• EASY-WRAP NEOPRENE STRAP INNER - Vertically moulded neoprene panels easily wrap around your ankle, adding to comfort.

• PLUG BUDDY - Another O&E first. Ensures leash string can be easily slipped through surfboard plug.

• WARRANTY - Guaranteed against faulty workmanship or defective materials for 12 months from date of purchase.

• ANTI-SLIP STRAP - An engineered raised non-slip silicon print, positioned on the inside of the neoprene ankle strap.

• CURVED STRAP PLUG - Designed for comfort which naturally curves around your ankle.

• WATER REPELLENT OUTER STRAP - The strap's outer material is water repellent. Minimising the weight even when surfed

• QUICK GRAB RELEASE PULL TAB - An ergonomically designed polyurethane rigid loop. Always stays upright so it can be easily accessed for quick release.

Then Check Out the Reviews;

Awesome Leash 5 Star
Comfortable to wear, light and strong. What more can I say? Definitely recommend to any surfers wanting a surfboard leash they can rely on !

Awesome 5 Star
Doesn't get tangled up, super comfy. Spend the extra money. Well worth it.
Ryan 10th


Some of the Range;


O&E Premium LegropeO&E Big Wave LegropeO&E Longboard LegropeO&E Warranty


Check out our full range of O&E Legropes here

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