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Surf Ranch Pro 2018

The Surf Ranch Pro will be the great leveler. A chance for the worlds best to show what bag of tricks they can pull out, and prove be the best with the same opportunities. No priority, no wave droughts, no set wave advantage, no being selective vs being active… in reality is the fairest way to compare the best of the best.

This will bring more pressure than ever, everyone watching their every move close up. Being counted down like a snowboard slopestyle run at the Olympics, its show up, or ship out.

With this in mind, who are the ones to watch. Perhaps the creator if this fine wave pool Mr Kelly Slater, or the new air schoolers like Griffin, or Yago. Perhaps the old guard with nerves of steel like Jordy, Toledo or Gabe.

Remember first round is 6 waves each, 3 frontside, 3 backside… best 1 of each count. So surfers can throw caution to the wind…. wind hmmm, will that be a factor maybe?

Quick Hot Picks for the event.
1. Gabriel Medina
2. Italo Ferreira
3. Jordy Smith
4. Griffin Colapinto
5. Filipe Toledo
6. Mikey Wright
7. Kanoa Igarashi
8. Kelly Slater

Other Sneakers
- Yago
- Kalohe
- Seabass

With the pool rewarding variety and innovation on waves that will include barrels and air sections you would have to go with Gabe and Italo straight up. They look menacing right now on anything that gives them half a chance.

Next the surfers with full repertoire of airs and barrel riding skills would include Jordy, Griffin and Filipe. Mikey is on such a CT teat that it's hard to leave him out, and his air game is gnarly! Kanoa is a performance wave machine, his performances at the US open attest to that and then, you cannot leave out the man himself, who must know this wave inside out... the one, the only, Kelly 'wave pool co' Slater.

The comp starts on 6th of September, so lock in your team
(remember no lay days - barring an infestation of piranhas - or some insane weather event)
Good Luck


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