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Tahiti Pro Teahupoo 2018

Tahiti Pro 2018

Chopes is crazy! The way it folds around on itself, as if to foil any escape from it's insanely perfect cylinders its quite awe inspiring. At size it really shows who is comfortable surfing waves at the brink of what is possible. It is also a time in the season, where the goofies get a bit of a boost if they have the ballzinis to take on the challenge.  Barrel masters excel here, as proven by Slater, Gabe, Julian, and Flores to name a few. Hail the chargers!

So who's going to get stupidly pitted and win.. well here's our top picks;

Quick Hot Picks for the event.
1. Julian Wilson
2. Italo Ferreira
3. Gabriel Medina
4. Conner Coffin
5. Jeremy Flores
6. Owen Wright
7. Griffin Colapinto
8. Mikey Wright
Julian won here last year and deservedly so, his surfing is so polished and he charges so hard. He came back from being on the ropes with Gabe, to getting two 9 point rides to win. Next are the front running goofy Brazilians, Italo and Gabe,  who are ripping so hard this year, and are so suited for this wave!
Natural chargers who have well manicured tube skills that would work well here include include Conner, Jeremy and Griffin. Owen will be dangerous if it gets big, and Slaters last CT win was here and even with his dubious hoof, the GOAT could bleet his way out of some man caves to win.
Just to make your decision tougher some other goofies worth a shot could be
Duru, Ace and Wiggly if he gets a start.

Good Luck, action starts August 10th, so get your team in.
Hot off the press... Toledo ditched miniature US Open waves to pull into some chunky swell at Chopes from that last insane Pacific Pulse. Word has it he was dropping deep and hard, and with the title on the radar he could be a surprise threat here.

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